Using The Kindle App For Reading

Having been tasked with reading Will Oremus’ article titled, “Who Really Controls What You See in Your Facebook Feed- and Why They Keep Changing It”, the Kindle App for iPhone was of great use to me in completing the reading.

The article itself, is quite a simple but interesting read, although I’ve now seen the word “algorithm” on enough occasions to last me a life time. Oremus describes the method behind Facebook’s successful ranking algorithm, but notes that it is still forever changing in a bid to try and suit our needs and best interests as users of the social networking site.

The algorithm- the computing brains behind the news feed system- is still, somewhat of an unknown entity, however. “No one outside Facebook knows for sure how it does this, and no one inside the company will tell you”, is a fairly clear and damning demonstration of this.

With regards to the Kindle app, the fact that I could download the article on to my phone and save it for later, whether I had a network connection or not, made it really easy and convenient to use. It meant that I wasn’t just limited to doing my reading at home or at uni, but I could read up whilst on the bus, or even – hypothetically, of course – on a night out, should it ever get that tragic.

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