I’m A Qualified Tweeter Now

There can be no doubt that Twitter plays a huge role in today’s society.

The social media platform, one of the busiest and most widely used in the world at the moment, allows anyone to voice their opinions, in a central place where everyone can view them.

Whilst the success behind the scenes, in terms of profit for the huge company, has been diminishing, they have continued to introduce new features and implement fresh ideas to improve the site. Twitter Polls and Twitter Moments are just two of these features which have made the site so much more interactive for their users.

For a modern day journalist, Twitter is a must. There is no better way to reach such a large audience, broadcasting your opinions and thoughts at the touch of a button in only 140 characters.

In the recent past, Twitter has been the source of breaking news on a number of occasions, with everyday people often breaking stories faster than some of the largest news outlets.


Having been introduced to the ‘advanced search’ feature by my lecturer, Richard Jones, I’ve realised just how useful Twitter can be to find information quickly, and more effectively. Rather than trawling through the depths of Twitter, I now know how to make my searches more specific, and that’s something I’m sure will be useful throughout my course.

Thanks, Richard.

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