Pictures. I Think There’s An Old Cliche About Them Somewhere?

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and that notion is certainly not wrong. Often, a simple photo can sum up a situation more sincerely and profoundly than words could ever hope to.

Shelley CFC and Sheffield FC observe a minute’s silence (16/11/16)

Relatively new, and now booming social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, as well as older, more traditional platforms like Flickr, allow people to document their lives online, in picture form.

It’s no wonder that these sites are such a hit with the consumers of this media-dependant generation. Simple features like Instagram ‘filters’, provide people with the feeling that almost anyone can be a photographer.

Long gone are the days that you’d need an expensive camera to take high profile pictures. iPhone’s, etc, have such good camera quality with high resolution results, that a simple filter can make even the dullest of images come to life. It’s important to also note, that they are only improving year on year.

As a journalist, these photo-sharing applications are a must, as they allow you to share images at the touch of a button. These photos, therefore enhance potential stories, whilst providing evidence of the events at the same time to the organisations’ vast audiences.

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